Every popular drink has its own history. Some drinks are born according to a plan, and some of them represent a sudden lucky find. But each of them always has its own little magic. Our story also has some.
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Alc. 40% vol.

Pepper nastoyka «Three Old Men»

Imagine how fifteen years ago technologists, tasters and production workers created a bitter tincture – yes, not simple, but such that everyone liked it. And to surpass imported competitors in taste, aroma and quality! And so that old traditions and time-tested recipes are collected in it. And not to become a tribute to fashion, but a drink for all time!


About “Starka”

Suitable traditions were found. The production of unusual flavored vodka based on the old recipe of Polish and Lithuanian landowners was mastered in the pre-war 30s of the last century. This 43-degree drink was aged in oak wine barrels with addition of apple leaves, pear and linden flowers infusion. First, the label of the product had the inscription "Old vodka", then it was "renamed" into "Starka". For nearly 50 years of its history this bitter has been popular with connoisseurs of high-quality alcohol and hard to be found in stores. This particular recipe was revived and rethought by specialists. And it was in its honor that the then a new bitter got its name. Well, now, fifteen years later, the “Three Old Men” themselves set the tone for others. Such a wonderful drink has been obtained!



“What is the secret” you will ask? In infusions of apple and pear leaves of strictly defined varieties? In oak bark? In honey? In a complex blend of cognac and white wine? In a real bitterness, in the strength of 40%? Where does this pleasant, astringent flavor, aroma and amazing softness come from? Why is this product so easy to drink, especially before dinner, for appetite? And why does it go so well with salted cheese or jerked meat? Maybe the water, or multi-stage filtration, or cold treatment are of the essence? That's it, the magic. The simple but the real magic is the work of technologists, production workers and all members of the Sordis plant who have been lovingly creating drinks of the “Three Old Men” trademark for many years.



Star PRODEXPO. Tasting competition at the exhibition «PRODEXPO» 2020
Gold medal. Tasting competition at the exhibition «PRODEXPO» 2020
GRAND PRIX. Competition «Best vodka» 2014
Gold medal. Competition «Best vodka» 2014
Gold medal. Tasting competition at the exhibition «PRODEXPO» 2013
Gold medal. Tasting competition at the exhibition «PRODEXPO» 2010
Silver medal. Competition «WINE-VODKA» 2012
Gold medal. Competition «Best vodka» 2012
Gold medal. Competition «Best vodka» 2013
Gold medal. «Best product» at the exhibition «PRODEXPO» 2020
Gold medal. Competition «EURASIA SPIRITS DRINKS» 2021