Three Old Men Lux

There is an old Russian way of cleaning vodka with milk, the process of which is not known for many people since this tradition is rather complicated if used in the factory. But if you have skills, and you are not poor in talents, then why not do it? Therefore, if you add vodka to the line of bitters "Three Old Men" then let it be a drink of exceptional purity and according to ancient technologies.
700 ml
500 ml
Alc. 40% vol.

vodka «Three Old Men Lux»

Vodka should contain a minimum of ingredients. Alcohol, treated water, just a little bit of sugar syrup and rice infusion. To create a drink of a special delicacy the classic technology of cooking in coal columns is needed. This is a unique cleaning with milk, as in old Russian recipes, which plays the most important role in ease of consumption and condition in the morning. As a result "Three Old Men Lux" has the very taste that a product made in the birthplace of vodka should have. Very typical, vodka taste, soft and bitter, a true classic of Russian vodka.



Vodka "Three Old Men Lux" is based on old folk traditions, so the best way to consume it is gastronomic one. At a laid table, with a good snack, preferably with vegetables and fish. However, due to its purity, the product “behaves” well both with ice and in long-drink cocktails..



Star PRODEXPO. XVII-th tasting competition
GRAND PRIX. Competition «Best Vodka» 2014
Gold medal. Competition «Best vodka» 2014
GRAND PRIX. Competition «WINE-VODKA» 2014
Gold medal. Competition «WINE-VODKA» 2013
Gold medal. Competition «Best vodka» 2013
Silver medal. «Best product» at the exhibition «PRODEXPO» 2013
Gold medal. Competition «WINE-VODKA» 2012
Gold medal. «Best product» at the exhibition «PRODEXPO» 2012
Gold medal. Competition «Best vodka» 2012
Gold medal. «Best product» at the exhibition «PRODEXPO» 2011